The PEAT Autonomy Kit is designed to be integrated into cognitive therapy programs to help people with cognitive challenges, including brain injury, stroke, mild cognitive impairment, PTSD, and ADHD. PEAT contains many tools to help increase independence. Therapists and other healthcare professionals choose which tools are best for each patient, and create personalized routines and reminder systems which are tightly integrated into the patient's personalized cognitive therapy plan.

This helps therapists by extending their ability to help patients in between sessions. By creating cognitive strategies which are literally at their patient's fingertips 24/7, the therapist's guidance is virtually present all of the time. Therapists may optionally track patient usage of PEAT, to see how well the patient follow the routines, reminders and cognitive strategies. This provides important visibility into what happens when the patient leaves the therapists office and is on their own. Optionally, significant others may also track when the patient starts, delays, skips or completes their scheduled activities.

We work with therapists to incorporate PEAT into their cognitive therapy and rehab program. PEAT has been developed over many in conjunction with cognitive therapists, and has helped hundreds of people with a wide range of cognitive challenges. Read about our clinical research here.

If you are a healthcare professional involved with cognitive therapy or rehabilitation, please contact us to learn more.

If you are a person with cognitive challenges who is currently in therapy or rehabilitation, please have your therapist contact us to learn more about how PEAT may be integrated into their therapy program.

PEAT helps with:

  • remembering appointments or getting places on time
  • adjusting your schedule and routines when life happens (interruptions, distractions, oversleeping, traffic, etc.)
  • doing tasks or taking medications, even though you set a reminder

Build a mobile personal assistant to:

  • get more done by independently
  • improve multitasking
  • recalculate schedules and routines when changes happen
Product Overview
ABC 7 News 2010


Our products are based on NASA research. The Mars Rover needed the ability to function independently, even in unknown and constantly changing conditions - just like with a brain injury. Click on the video link above for an ABC news clip on our NASA roots.

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We hold three patents on advanced task planning and execution. This is the "secret sauce" that boosts us beyond all others. No other free or paid solutions have the ability to deal with "real life" challenges like automatic rescheduling, multi-tasking and improvising on-the-fly.

Who we help

BrainAid is proud to help our wounded warriors and their loved ones. We have partnered with the Veterans Administration (VA) for more than 8 years. Our solutions are also transforming the lives of users from ages 15 to 80.

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Benefits for users:

A personalized digital assistant to help users stay on schedule throught out day
Discreet and private

Because it's on a regular phone or tablet it does not stand out

Better relationships

Less nagging, reminding and worrying = more joy for everyone.

How our unique system helps people get things done